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Fired for bucking Georgia

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  • Fired for bucking Georgia

    Last week our boss cut our pay without notice and the contract wasnt or still isnt up. Before the week was out they announced another cut that will take place on Nov, 3. which is when the new contract starts with another pay cut. We know business isn't slow, in fact we have been doing more volume than we ever have. We felt our only choice was to have some sort of protest. A 40% pay cut, cuts our check by 350-500 a week. As a result of the protest, was the only reason the owner even showed up to talk to us. This could have all been avoided if he talked to us months ago. He new since around April of 07 that the new Contract would require pay cuts. We could have all at least been prepared, and making changes to our budget, and decide if we needed to find other employment by Nov, 3. Instead he just cut our money with no notice. Or does the end of the day before, serve as notice. Not even 24 hours. So this is what happened.

    We reported to work Thursday, signed in and asked to speak to the supervisor regarding our pay before we start. He said he was on the way but never showed up. The president of the company that our company has the contract through, came and asked us were we going to work. We said were willing to work but they dont want to pay us. He say's "come on and work, I'll make sure you get paid". By the end of the day, the owner of our company was there and met with all of us. He told us a new contract starts Nov, 3, and in order for him to keep the contract he had to make pay cuts. The only reason he even came is because we got the attention of the president from which he has the contract. The meeting ended with the verbal agreement that we would go back to our regular pay and even get back pay up until Nov,3. Then he would come back before Nov,3 and meet again and negotiate what our pay would be after Nov,3 07. The next day we worked all day, he gave us our check and fired all 25 of us. There were a few others who started to work, but once they found out we were standing together. They left their post and joined us. However they kept them.

    Can we get unemployment
    Can we file a suit
    Any advice?
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    Before I answer the "can we sue" question, answer this for me. What "contract"? Is this a union contract? An employment contract between you and the employer? Or a contract for work between the employer and a customer?

    There is no law in Georgia that even requires prior notification of a pay decrease.

    However, a 40% cut is likely large enough to justify unemployment benefits being granted if you quit, but that's just my opinion. Only the state can make that decision.
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      Although in GA there is no employment law that requires prior notification of a decrease, I am given to understand that such notification is required under contract law.
      The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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