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Automatically Clocked Out - Texas

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  • Automatically Clocked Out - Texas

    I am currently employed in retail and we are required to take one thirty minute lunch break for every 6 hours worked. A lot of times I will put in a 12 or 13 hour shift, and be given nothing but a single lunch break. Now, I am not concerned about not getting the second lunch break that the policy allows .. I am just unhappy with the fact that I am automatically clocked out and not paid for the hours worked.

    When 2:00 AM rolls around and I'm pushing 14 hours, I'd much rather get my stuff done and go home, but when the clock says that I'm on lunch break and I'm actually not .. I have a problem.

    I've ask my managers specifically, "Well if I'm being clocked out and not paid can I at least take the break?"

    To which they replied, no.

    Is there anything I can do here?

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    While the system may automatically clock you out, you need to be paid if you are still working.

    You need to tell someone that you are working when the system says you are not and the company needs to pay you.

    If they refuse to pay or fail to pay, take the matter to the Texas Workforce Commission (
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      FYI, Texas law does not require that you be given breaks.
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