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Unpaid and misclassified? Michigan

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  • Unpaid and misclassified? Michigan

    This could be a long one so I will try to keep it short and neat.

    I accepted a job with a company in Michigan that contracts with (cable network). To work in Lansing. I was told that I was an independent contractor, and was to be given a stack of work to be completed daily. 3 days before my start date I was told that (network) won't let him keep working in Lansing, because of reliability issues of his workers in Lansing. But he welcomed me to come work for him in Grand Rapids, and offered payment of $50 a day in compensation for gas/travel. I reluctantly accepted.

    Monday October 2 I arrived in GR at 8am, and worked until 9pm.
    Tuesday morning I explained to him that this arrangment was not going to work for me. I was to wake at 5am (7am starts now), and getting home around 11pm, 6 days a week. And although the $50 did cover the gas, what was left over didn't cover the 3 hour drive time. And my take for the day divided by hours spent made the job considerably less lucrative than had I been working in Lansing. We left on positive terms.

    2 months later I have yet to recieve pay for my day of work. I have called many times. He never seems to know why I havn't been paid yet, and remembers that he "billed (network) for it" He always says he will call me back but never does. This last time he said "I will call (network) to check with payroll" - but (network) doesn't do our checks, his company does... So now i'm pretty sure he's putting me off. He never called back that day anyways.

    extra details maybe not worth reading
    I had spent around $500 for tools and supplies for the job in Lansing. Thats why I took the job in Grand Rapids.
    I have voice recordings of him acknowledging that he owes me a check and a voice mail talking about $50 per day for gas compensation saved on my phone.
    I've had a short chat with the friend of the family laywer who suggested that I may have been misclassified as an independent contractor.
    I was to have 2 weeks of traning prior to employment, but my trainer was fired for sexual harassment so I only got a week and a day in.
    The trainer getting fired was one of the reasons the company lost their work in Lansing.

    (network) bills customer, my employer bills (network), my employer pays me.

    Please help.
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    Sounds like an employee to me. File a complaint with the state Dept. of Labor for your pay.
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