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Short hours and overtime laws Arizona

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  • Short hours and overtime laws Arizona

    My last paycheck looked a little short, so the first chance I got, I checked my time sheets (a calendar on the wall.) To my surprise I was 14 hours short on my paycheck! I get paid on a bi-monthly basis (1st and 15th) and my hours are not regular so this was not something that jumped out at me right away. I am kind of a non-confrontational type person and have yet to talk to the boss about this ( I only noticed it today though so it has not been that long.)

    But this brings me to the real question. With this increase in hours, I may be eligible for overtime. I don't know what the overtime laws are for my type of schedule. So, what are the overtime laws for someone who gets paid on the 1st and the 15th? During the last pay period I worked 14 days, if that helps. I don't get many days off. And the last pay period was the 30th to the 15th. Oh, and the total hours worked in that period was 91.75.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Well, you're semi-monthly, not bi-monthly, but forward.

    Overtime pay is based on the workweek, which is a consecutive 168-hour period which the company must define and, as you can imagine, must begin on a fixed day and time. If you work over 40 hours in that defined workweek, you must be paid overtime pay. The pay frequency is irrelevant. I do agree that it is difficult for nonexempt employees to understand their pay when paid semi-monthly because it is very rare that the pay period days coincide exactly with 2 full workweeks.
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