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Unfair deductions on final paycheck, Canada, Alberta

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  • Unfair deductions on final paycheck, Canada, Alberta

    Hello, thank you in advance to anyone who can give advice.

    My friend and I had been working for a drywall company for roughly 2 weeks before quitting. We each worked 75 hours at our agreed rate of pay which was $10.00 / hour. (This is in Alberta).

    Our boss informed us that due to us installing some pieces improperly, he was deducting pay from our paycheck for the hours that it took him to fix these mistakes. Keep in mind that we were being trained as drywallers and this was our first time doing it.

    When we asked him how much we would be payed, he said "You'll see it when you get the check."

    It turns out he paid us a single payment of $500.00 for both of our work hours.

    This is not even half of what we should have been payed. And I am wondering what first steps I should take to get full payment. Here is some additional information:

    It is a small company and only me and my friend have been recording our hours. Also, we never signed any formal paperwork of employment or anything. I am somewhat worried about the lack of formality of employment in that he could simply lie and say that we didn;t work for as long as we did.

    We do have a possible witness, the foreman at our job site, would we be able to use him to testify for the hours we worked?

    I am really troubled and angry, please help!

    Thank you sincerely.

    - chris

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    We don't have anyone here who is familiar with Canadian laws, sorry.
    I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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