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resignation/approved vacation New Jersey New Jersey

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  • resignation/approved vacation New Jersey New Jersey

    I gave my resignation on
    nov 1 to resign on dec 1 (one month notice). My vacation, however, was previously approved for the last two weeks in nov. I have been on the job for 12 plus years. Should I be entitled to include the last 2 weeks approvedid vacation in my one month's notice? please advise as to labor laws concerning this for the state of NJ. thanks.

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    If I understand you correctly, you gave a month's notice (great!!), but want to take two weeks of that off with pay, using your accrued vacation. Just how much notice are you really giving?

    If you had two weeks vacation accrued, gave a "two week" notice and said you were going to take your vacation during that notice period, that would be quitting without notice, in my book.
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      ScottB has a point.

      Vacation is really a matter of company policy. It's not uncommon for company's to include language to forbid usage of vacation during the notice period. The purpose of providing notice is so that your employer has time to find and hire your replacement. By taking vacation, you in theory aren't providing a month's notice.

      I fully understand that this vacation was previously approved. The only thing that I have to offer is to refer to your company's policy and see what your options are.


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        Should've thought this one through

        Elawak, Think about this, your vacation was already approved for the last two weeks of November, right? Then, you should have NOT given your notice on the first of November. You should've waited until you came back from vacation and given them the standard 2 week notice. Showing that you gave a 1 month notice is " above and beyond " ; showing that you gave a 2 week notice and followed through is respectable and admired that you're human. Do the right thing.


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