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can't track my hours Missouri

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  • can't track my hours Missouri

    The company for which I work recently changed over from a simple time-card system for clocking in and out to an electronic system in which the employee's hand is scanned and the information is transmitted electronically to a website that only certain managers are able to access. There is no print-out at the time of clocking in or out, nor are we provided with a summary of our hours at the end of a pay period. The old time clock is there but has been disabled. Therefore, the only way to track our hours is to keep our own notes.
    One of my coworkers believes he has been underpaid on several occasions due to his manager's ability to "supervise" his hours. Last week he believes he was not paid for 5 hours of overtime. Without an official company document that logs his time, how can he prove what his hours are? Just a piece of paper in which he wrote his clock-in and clock-out times would be seen as subjective and susceptible to his own adjustments.
    Is it legal for my employer to not provide a way for us to track our hours? I have asked several managers questions about the new system, and nobody seems to know anything. If they can't figure out the system, how do I know they're paying me the right hours? If I disagree with their times, how can I argue my case?

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    He has his own records. If he were to file a claim for unpaid wages with the state Dept. of Labor (that's where you/he would go), the employer would have to prove that he didn't work the hours he claims; he doesn't have to prove that he did.

    The law doesn't require that the employee be provided with any time of print-out or other record of his hours. The law only requires that the employer track the hours of its nonexempt employees; it doesn't require that this record be given to the employee or that a system be provided to enable the employee to track his own hours. OTOH, sounds like some more training on the system is called for.
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