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Too many hours! Ohio

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  • Too many hours! Ohio

    I work part time at a privately owned Supermarket in a small town. When I was hired i requested part time, because I'm trying to get into college and to get my life together. I'm 19 and female. Normally I work 28 hours a week which is perfect, it give me time to do otherthings and not revolve around work. I was told by an employee that snice I was part time I would always work under 36 hours a week, because ohio labor law requires all part time worked to work less than 36 hours. And anything else shouldbe over time. However, I am supposed to work 38 hours next week, not a huge jump, and I'm confused. Is he allowed to work a part time worked more than 36 hours or is there even a limit for part timers? ~I'm also not receiving any over time pay~
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    Your friend mis-informed you. There is no law that specifically defines fulltime and parttime. This is left to the discretion of the employer. Not every employer defines fulltime as 40 hours per week. And "yes" a parttime worker may be scheduled to work 38+ hours per week. Federal and Ohio law define overtime as any hour "physically" worked over 40 in a workweek. Should you end up exceeding this threshold, that's the point at which the law requires overtime to be paid.


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