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No lunch or breaks in Texas? Tennessee Texas

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  • No lunch or breaks in Texas? Tennessee Texas

    MEANT to put TEXAS, sorryI was under the impression that with a shift under 8hrs, you were supposed to have an hour lunch and 2 15 min breaks, or with a shift under 8 hrs, a 30 min lunch and one break.
    Is it legal to not allow employees a lunch, but ask them to instead take a SINGLE 10 minute break in a 8+hour shift?
    And , is it legal to not allow employees to take any breaks during an 8 or so hour shift? They are now being given lunches, but they mayhave to take that after 2 hours in..or wait for 6 hours in..and if asking to take a break, even to use the restroom, are often told no.
    At this time most of the employees are no longer asking management to go to the bathroom, they are just going.
    This is for an international company, and this is going for all of the employees at this particular location (except of course the store manager, her assistant, and two managers underneath them). Our handbook does mention lunches and breaks as hour per 8 hour shift with 2 15 min breaks, and a half hour for a shorter shft with one break.
    We are also not allowed to have water to drink during our shift as we have a concrete floor and they don't want it stained (retail), and can't take breaks to get a drink (with permission-again, employees are now "sneaking" a break to the waterfountain often while using the restroom).
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    Your impression is incorrect. There are no laws in Texas requiring rest breaks or meal periods. OSHA regulations do require "sufficient" time to use the restroom. There is no law that says the employer must allow liquids at the work location; there appears to be a good reason for that.

    However, if the handbook specifies that meal periods and breaks are to be provided, I would recommend you contact the district or regional manager or HR to report that the handbook is not being followed; they might tell you that provision has been removed. Or they might tell you it only applies in the states where the laws require meal periods and rest breaks (btw, Illinois just recently passed a law requiring 15-minute rest breaks for certain hotel employees; no other state requires 15-minute breaks for anyone). Or, they might bring your store manager to task.
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      So they are not required to let us have anything to drink, and they are not required to let us eat, but they are breaking OSHA rules if they refuse to let us go to the bathroom for hours?
      And off topic, as it no longer applies..
      BUT, before we opened, we were a contstruction in the retail workers managers everyone, had to build the store on the inside. I mentioned us not having WC poster up when I was hurt and was told "they company did not have to have a poster up because they weren't open yet and were a construction site"
      TO me all the more reason to have a WC poster up,no?


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