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Question on holding paychecks New Jersey

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  • Question on holding paychecks New Jersey

    Briefly, I work for a manufacturing company of 30 employees.

    Employer is bi-polar... ok, many of our opinions but seriously, he is angry with the CFO and thus is not signing paychecks (today is payday) until the budget is to his liking... Making a long story short, he is not happy with what was presented to him. People are asking me for their paychecks and unfortunateoly they are not signed.

    How long can he legally do this for? Is there a timeframe when you are suppose to pay an employee? Our handbook clearly states "All employees are paid biweekly every other Wednesday."

    Legally, is there anything that an angry employee can do if he does not sign these checks today?

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    According to New Jersey law, employees must be paid on regularly scheduled paydays, which must be no later than 10 days following the end of the pay period. If that time passes, you can, each and every one of you, file a claim with the state Dept. of Labor.

    Is it the owner that has to sign the checks? Have any of the employees gone to him? What a poor management decision (at best), and at worst, what a jerk.
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      He is playing with our well as livlihood. I waited around 1 hour past my normal time to see if he will sign it. I had to leave and as of this morning there is no folder of checks on my desk and no one is in to ask. The period ended Sunday the 17th. We get paid for that period yesterday 20th. So are you saying he has until the 27th to pay us .. legally? Or am I misunderstanding your post?


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        Yes, he would have until the 27th to pay every single employee. Otherwise, each employee could file a report with the DOL in which case he would likely begin accruing interest on each amount owed as well as any applicable fines (usually $1000 per instance of withheld pay).


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          Well, just found out he did sign them at 8pm last night. Thanks for the responses.


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