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not paid and being sued court tuesday!!! New Jersey

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  • not paid and being sued court tuesday!!! New Jersey

    Ok so heres the dea-its long and not pretty. I was an Innkeeper in Cape May NJ for two Inns owned by the same people who were not onsite,lived three hours away. I did all duties in the house including collection of most deposits(some were sent to their home as that was the address the supplied online). They are going through a divorce and the communication was terrible at the time. I had a bank card with my name on it to use for shopping and all things needed for the house and I also had a cell phone that I transfered the calls to when I left to go home or anywhere when I was not able to be near my office. I went through alot of bad arguments with the wife of the owners to the point I had to take seditives to relax after her visits! Anyway on her last visit down I decided to leave, that meant moving in one day, ha ha and I did accomplish this. When I sent an email to the husband about where to send my last pay I heard nothing from him. A few weeks later I sent an email stating that if I did not get my pay I woudl go to the labor board, he replied saying that I did not recieve it because I had to go there and sit with them to discuss a few things. I told him I was not comfartable with this and than he sent me a few emails with questions that I answeared and than I heard nothing. Last week I recieved a call from a Detective saying that I fraudulantly cashed checks from the Inns and was being questioned. When I arrived the detective asked questions and than stated that the department would not sign the compaint and if she decided to take it further it would have to go in front of a court, I am to be served Tuesday by 9am and go right to court. I had acess to the accounts and when the debit card was too low to shop for food and neccessities I did cash three checks and used the monies towards these items, I put them in reports and filed the reciepts, all of which I now do not have acess to to prove in court that I spent the money on what I did.
    My questions are can they with-hold my last pay?
    How can I prove what the money was spent on if the reciepts are in their posession?
    I was told that I would be charged for the months phone bill as well, can they do that?
    Will I be able to opst-pone the date until I can get my information?

    They have been known to do this before, so is there anyway I can file an counter claim against them?
    I feel this will hurt my reputaion as an Innkeeper because Cape May is small and word travels.
    I hate to ask for a quick answear but I will be going into court and would like to have some knowledge on this. Thank you for your time and help.
    Andrew Jepsen

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    You need an attorney. Certainly you had notice of this court appearance before this.
    I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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      the detective said he is serving me tommorow before i go into court, hes not making a big deal out of it, so i get served tommorow and he said i have to do in and plead


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        This is FAR more than a free, public bulletin board can handle for you. Pick up the phone and start calling attorneys.
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