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Refusal to Pay Arizona

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  • Refusal to Pay Arizona

    I am a Teacher and work for a Charter School in Scottdale, Arizona. I signed a contract saying that I would be paid on the 5th and the 20th. My employeer is refusing to pay us and we have not recieved our paychecks yet (9/9). She is also stating that she may switch our paydays to the 10th and the 20th and when asked if we would get 30 days notice she said "No, I don't have to." Is this true? Is she allowed to with hold our paychecks and not give us an expected date?

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    You must be paid on your regularly scheduled pay day which, in Arizona, cannot be more than 5 days following the end of the pay period. Sounds like you may be paid in arrears for each half of the month. In other words, the check for the 5th pays for the 16-EOM of the previous month and the check for the 20th pays for the 1-15th of the current month.

    If this is true, she's already in violation of AZ wage and hour law. And if she changes the paydays to the 10th and the 20th, that would be a violation of law as well. You can file a claim with the state Dept. of Labor.

    This is all assuming that this is an Arizona employer; for out-of-state employers ( the company is based in another state) the times are extended somewhat.

    Sounds like this employer is having cash flow problems. Do you have an enforceable contract that would have repercussions should you find another job with a more stable company, and you quit?
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      I do have a contract but isn't it invalid now because she has changed the pay days and refused to pay us?


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        Not necessarily, but you should have an attorney versed in employment and contract law advise you. There's no way we would know without reading the entire document, and contract law is very state-specific.
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