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Company Policy Oregon

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  • Company Policy Oregon

    A few months ago, I was an hourly employee for a company that I've been with about two years.

    A management job came open that I was qualified for so I applied. The new job is two salary grade levels above my hourly position. I was told that I got the job, but they were going to have to give me a promotion into the position directly above mine for two months and then promote me again into the position I had applied for, since policy states that you cannot 'jump' over a salary level. Both of the next level positions are salary based with a bonus structure for departmental performance.

    When I received the offer letter for the first promotion, it was actually a small pay decrease compared to what I was making before, but there was a larger bonus structure and it was only temporary, so I took it.

    The second offer letter offered me a raise based on the salary I received in the first offer letter, but still kind of low compared to the hourly job. I was told that the bonus plan was very achievable and would make up the difference so I signed that one also.

    Now that I am in my management job, I have found that due to circumstances beyond the company's control, 60-80% of my bonus potential is out of my reach.

    I found a written company policy that refers to an exact percentage raise the every employee is supposed to get when he/she is promoted through a salary level. I was not given the correct percentage either time. In fact my first promotion offered a decrease in my base pay.

    When I called HR to tell them that company policy was not followed during either of my promotions, they just said I signed off on the offer letter so it is a done deal.

    I know I signed the letters, but I was under the false impression that I could actually earn a decent bonus to help make up for a smaller salary than I expected. Also, since the policy states what is guaranteed to an employee when he/she is promoted to the next salary grade, don't I have some recourse. I moved through 2 salary levels and received less of a raise than was guaranteed for a promotion through 1? This is a large public corporation, but my local office is in Oregon.

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