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Required to pay $200 cash extra for health ins Maryland

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  • Required to pay $200 cash extra for health ins Maryland

    Pattymd I hope you see this.

    Pertaining to my previous post...
    Well my wife recieved her check today. Her employer added the hours required to make her eligable for ins. These will come off next week. She was also charged the entire premium, hers+employer benefit ammount. The part we have a problem with is why she then had to pay an additional $200 cash by today or lose insurance. She was given a hand written receipt that only states cash was paid for hour shortage.

    Does this make sense????

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    No, it doesn't make sense. However, since the $200 was not deducted from her pay, the prohibition against unauthorized deductions from paychecks does not apply. So sorry.
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      First, thanks for being a great source of information. Does the fact that even though she requested to have it taken out of her check and was told cash only change anything? She tried paying with a personal check (so we would have a better record obviously) and was told it had to be cash only. Something really doesnt feel right about this whole thing. As I stated before, they aslo told her that due to the hours pulled from next week she will have to pay again. This could end up going on every week or pay period.

      A friend of ours, who is a Md Circuit Court Judge, said we should talk to a lawyer that knows and can argue federal labor laws. He used the exact words of "possible form of extortion" as her employer knows our great need for insurance. He told us the state's ability was very limited when it comes to labor problems.

      If I can convince my two paid/non 1099 employees to participate in a group plan, even if I have to cover 90% or more, we could get coverage w/o pre-existing condition for my son. This would remedy the problem for now atleast. wife really wants to quit with good reason but doesnt want to jepordize our sons health. This is a bad situaion for all of us and I must give her credit for continuing to work (for now) for this employer. If there are any suggestions that would help in the near future we would be very grateful. By the way do you know if COBRA could go in effect if she did not pay and the employer canceled insurance even if she continued to work for them?? I am pretty sure it wont, but even as an insurance producer I couldnt find any clear cut provisions for this circumstance.

      Once again...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


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        Cash only sounds fishy to me too. But the law only refers to deductions from the paycheck.
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          I would take that reciept back and tell them that they need to change the wording so you can use it as a tax deduction for medical needs. IF they refuse, then at least next time, I would ask for the reciept to be made out before you hand over the cash that states exactly what it is for. If they still refuse, I would try to make sure that you pay it when you are not working and take someone with you so they can say yes he gave it to them for this. This is only my opinion.


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