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Wage question with several vocations Massachusetts

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  • Wage question with several vocations Massachusetts

    I have a question about Benchmarking what I should be paid at a Non-Profit.
    I am a Professional Photographer, Photo Editor, audio-visual Producer,
    and work in Strategic Communications.

    I am negotiating a salary and need advice on where to come in as a request.
    The Human Potential Dept. is having a time trying to place a Benchmark
    on all of the things I do.

    And I need to compensate for the Unlimited Use of Photos which should
    be purchased one by one, for use on Annual Reports, brochures,
    collateral and printed materials.
    I will be working Part Time. 25-28 hours per week.

    What is a good range? Or where to look to get info on wages for these
    titles. Pieces I produce will be on the WWW and are sometimes broadcast.

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    I'm sorry, but there is no possible way we can advise you of that. There are far, far too many variables involved, none of which we can know.

    The only website I know of that provides this kind of info is one that I have found to be wildly inaccurate for many job types so I hesitate to recommend it.
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