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Payroll Question Incomplete Timesheets Georgia

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  • Payroll Question Incomplete Timesheets Georgia

    We have a serious problem with employees not completly filling out their times sheets. This is using local SPLOST dollars. The city requires for this money to be used, they must correctly code their timesheets. The problem is, the time sheets are incomplete. Some missing punches, others missing department codes. Can I hold that day until they correct the time sheets? I know that GA doesn't have a time limit on pay.

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    Legally, although Georgia does not have a provision for the time lag between the pay period ending and payday, public policy would require that you pay your employees on the payday that you have disseminated.

    The problem, as I see it, is with the supervisors/managers. You must hold them responsible to see that the time sheets are properly completed and turned in on time. I've heard of employers who, when no time sheet is received, turn off direct deposit and make the employees pick up their check in person. Or, make the supervisor/manager pick up the check. Or, charge all the time to vacation. The bottom line is that upper management must be determined to make the supervisors/employers do their job.
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      Thanks, Patty. Unfortunetly, we are a small company and people aren't even written up or fired for coming to work drunk. The supervisors we have are all fresh out of college and nobody wants to hurt their feelings.


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