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change of paydays Oklahoma

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  • change of paydays Oklahoma

    My husband works out of town for an electrical construction company. When he was hired he was hired with the payday being Tuesday. His boss started to become regularly late with employee checks. When the workers started asking about when they were going to get paid she became upset and told them they would get their money when she had time. Two weeks ago on Tuesday she came into the business and told everyone the payday has been changed to Thursday. The next week payday was Wednesday. Is there anything that can be done about revolving paydays? Also my husband had taken a direct deposit form from our bank to her so neither of us would have to drive 180 miles round trip. When he got back to their shop today she had his paycheck waiting for him and told him that she did not want to deal with direct deposit this week. She has had the form for two weeks. I need the money in our account so our family can survive. The cost to drive 180 miles to pick up the money is outrageous not to mention insane with 4 kids in tow. His boss said she would have no problem with doing the deposit and that she prefers it. He has been told by his foreman that if he questioned any of the pay practices that he would loose his job. Is any of this legal?

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    This employer sounds like a real piece of work.

    State law requires regularaly scheduled paydays (page 9 here). As you can also see, the paydays must be no less frequently than semi-monthly, and no more than 10 days following the end of the pay period.

    Regarding direct deposit, unfortunately, he is at the mercy of the employer, as there is no law that even require the employer to offer PTO, let alone set a deadline by which authorizations must be acted upon.

    You can file a complaint with the state Dept. of Labor regarding the nonstandard paydays. However, if they are paying within the 10-day window, late payment is not occurring.
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