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Full Time Seasonal in Arizona

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  • Full Time Seasonal in Arizona

    So my question is this. Is this even a real term or am I getting the cold shoulder here. I work for a catering company in Tempe and I started last August as a cook. I am still there and do not recieve any holiday pay due to the fact that they consider me a full time seasonal employee. How can you be considered full time yet seasonal at the same time.

    Also, I was wondering if Arizona has laws about being given breaks at work if you work a certain amount of hours.

    Last but not least, Sorry for all the questions. I work in the ASU football stadium and we have to park in the student parking lot or park a mile away and walk. We can buy a parking pass through the school, but I would think that this is something that the company would compensate us for do to the fact that it is about to increase this year to almost 200 dollars. do they have to pay for that?
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    Seasonal full-time doesn't make much sense to me either, but the law does not address what employees are called. Have you been working continuously since last August? The ONLY thing that MIGHT be an issue is if you are being denied benefits such as retirement and/or insurance SOLELY because of your being classified as "seasonal". If you were "full-time" would you be eligible for medical insurance and the company retirement plan (if any)? This is governed by ERISA.

    Secondly, Arizona law does not require rest breaks or meal periods at all.

    And no, the employer does not have to pay for your inconvenience to get to the work site. The fact that the free site is quite a ways away is irrelevant. You do have a more convenient option, it just costs you, and that is not unusual.
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      Seasonal full time

      My only previous experience with seasonal employment was in the public sector (Federal--Internal Revenue), which utilizes a large 'seasonal' workforce to process tax returns at expected times during the year. Your employment may be similar, although you apparently are working for a contractor for Sun Devil Stadium, rather than for the State.

      Seasonal work should be established for a defined season (sometimes not well defined), and there should be significant breaks between periods of employment, although it's doubtful your State law deals with it.


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