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Exempt Employees Georgia

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  • Exempt Employees Georgia

    I currently work in Georgia as a sales person. I make about $25,000 base salary and will probably make no more than $15,000 in commission. 90% of my work is done in my office at my desk. Our employee handbook says we work from 830am-530pm, however, my boss informed us he would like us coming in at 7am and leaving at 8pm without additional compensation. He also said he would prefer we don't take the 1 hour lunch and just eat a quick meal at our desks. Is this a violation of the exempt/non-exempt employee laws? I don't receive overtime. Thanks!

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    As an inside salesperson, you would not be exempt under the Outside Sales exemption. I take it you're making cold calls or following up leads?

    I recommend contacting the federal Dept. of Labor at (866)4USA-DOL to discuss filing a claim for unpaid overtime. Georgia does not have an overtime law of its own, so the federal DOL is your only governmental assistance in this situation.

    Having said that, Georgia law does not require employees receive rest breaks or meal breaks. In addition, if the employer is requiring such additional hours, my educated opinion is that you should be entitled to overtime. On the other hand, even with overtime, working 12-13 hours straight every day probably means you have no life outside of work. It may be time to dust up the resume and look for a position that has a better work-life balance.

    Good luck.
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      I smell overtime in your future.............


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        You guys are the best! I'm clearly in a bad job, from my 2 posts. I'm almost on my way out. Also, I'm not a "supervisor" OR in a role "supervisory role" so that is an added plus. Thanks!


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          Yes, cold calls, etc. Typical first out of college job.


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            Nope, I can say pretty confidently that you would not qualify as exempt. You've got that degree; the next job will be better. Good luck.
            I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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