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Guidence of what I should do? Illinois

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  • Guidence of what I should do? Illinois

    Please Disregard my last post I do not know how to delete it..
    Curious of how I should take my approach, I work for HVAC company and have for 3 years and joined the union & I am a 2nd year apprentice as of now, My company has started to bring comminsion techs in and took me out of service/sales and moved me into a a position called HVAC SERVICE INSTALL, I am the only Union Hvac guy in the company they have 3 union plumbers but I am the only Union Hvac member and the rest are non union guys, There has not been a huge work load right now but they will work the non-union guys first and they are installing parts which im supposed to do and they have 4 hvac installers that are able to run the parts and I feel the only time they will work me is 2 days of the week when the work load is heavy and need extra help which that will not help, I have been on unemployment going on to 3 months now and lost what I should do other guys are laid off at the hall right now also since it is so slow.I just feel like they are trying to push me out the door because they have to pay me more then the average non-union guy at the shop. They also posted an ad online for a Service tech but they only pay them hourly and comminsion which they will not let me do that position anymore because I am union and they said I will only install parts when they have parts well they have parts but working the other 4 non union guys first then me. Am I allowed to call other shops to see if they are need of any apprentice I assume I should ask my hall if I can do that first as I dont wanna cross any bridges. I just feel that there is alot of illegal activity going on since they have non-union guys and union guys but will use a non union guy before me.
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    Didn't we just answer this question for you a few days ago? If there isn't work, there isn't work. If the company wants to assign a lower cost tech instead of [insert your title here] they may do so.
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