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Counsel of Industrial Relations (CIR) decision Pennsylvania

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  • Counsel of Industrial Relations (CIR) decision Pennsylvania

    I am a member of the IBEW. My local union and my locals' contractors could not work out our new contract so we had to go to the CIR. The CIRs' decision has been sent to us and I am wondering if anyone knows if this decision can be appealed.. If so, how or where can I get information on an appeal. My locals business manager says we cannot appeal and the decision is final. Myself along with many of my union members do not believe him.

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    I know zip about the Council, but a quick check online makes it look like an alternative means of resolving disputes. Typically,parties in conflict are encouraged to use such alternatives, but they agree to be bound by the decision. In other words, no appeal by either party regardless of the outcome.
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      i not sure of the name of the act but a new federal law states if a cba cant be agreed upon then the feds come in decide a contract they feel is fair (laugh) and union and employer must abide by it for 2 yrs no way to appeal the contract by the union or the employer sorry dont have specifics i will find the law and post details


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        EFCA also changes the bargaining process for the first CBA. If the union and the employer can't agree on the terms of the first CBA within 90 days, either the employer or the labor union can request the assistance of a federal mediator. If an agreement can't be reached after 30 days of mediation, the dispute will be referred to arbitration. Absent agreement by the employer and labor union on an initial CBA, the results of the arbitration would be binding on the parties for two years.

        there ya go


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          pro-union, please do not reply to old threads - this thread is from 5-08, thanks.
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            The EFCA applies to only the first CBA. My local has been around for 110 years which equates to 36 CBAs...


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              And thepear, the request not to respond to long-dead threads applies to you too.
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