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unemployment factfinding interview virgina unemp Virginia

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  • unemployment factfinding interview virgina unemp Virginia

    Was letgo by employer.only thing said when i asked why was "we are going in another direction" now unemployement has a factfinding interview scheduled to see if i was fired for misconduct. called hr for more info on my termination they couldnt or wouldnt tell me anything.
    Managed a virginia location,home office in tennesse. Have never been written up for anything in 8 yrs. Company was recently bought out. But still in transition phase.
    After being told "going in another direction" can they now say misconduct if i wasnt advised of infraction and had chance to defend myself? ?
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    There is no way to tell. Anybody can say nearly anything for nearly any reason. But as you described, I'm inclined to think they likely won't. But I can also be wrong. All you can do is apply for UI and wait & see.
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      Lots of reasons for employer to seek to,get UC denied for weakest of reasons ...and many a state short of UC funds is quick to say no at least on first round.

      So far there is no turndown?

      Employer bears burden to prove cause as per point it claims ..not some new theory .

      Be ready for appeal...and focus on points mgt seeks to prove

      As an aside ...a prior great record does not prove no current misconduct .
      As you post it it sure seems far from misconduct ..and the relevant standard is what the law says it is interpreted by hearing merely question a boss is not misconduct ..but can escalate to same..

      Just my personal your words..your comments about not being able to defend yourself might be read in context there was some serious discourse

      New employer is free to pick a new team it thinks will pull in direction it be it ..but that alone is not reason to get you disqualified from UC.


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        No reason to panic or assume they will lie. If you have anything from them in writing that states a reason, that is good, but 99% of the time in cases like yours, benefits are granted.
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          Agree; based just on what you posted, benefits "normally" would be granted. Also, you can always appeal if they aren't.
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            Employer didnt join factfinding 3 way call from unemployment comm. To discuss "misconduct". So i was awarded benefits


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              Reads like the correct outcome to me .....

              thanks for the feedback ......


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