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where can i find an answer to a question abotu COBRA? New York

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  • where can i find an answer to a question abotu COBRA? New York

    HI. can anyone tell me where I can find an answer or post a question about COBRA ? i have a specific question.. will try here if ok i bet someone knows : husband quit job to take a new one. Weird but old company only covers up til the day he quit (8/12) and he starts new job on 8/19. new co will start his coverage on 9/01.

    If I recall, we can sign UP for COBRA through old employer and then sign up with new employer for 9/01. as long as we don't use the insurance for any reason we can cancel on 9/01 and then not have to pay... i think that is what the very last employer told us a few years back.

    I just don't want any lapses in coverage b/c he has a preexisting condition, and although I dont' relish paying the 900 for 19 days of coverage, better that than no coverage...

    any ideas? sorry if not cool to post here! thanks

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    You have 60 days to sign up for COBRA. Wait until the new coverage starts. If you have not needed the coverage during that period of time, then don't elect the COBRA. (That's just easier than signing up and then not paying.) If you do need it, you'll still be in plenty of time and COBRA is guaranteed retroactive to the cancellation so that there is no gap in coverage.
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