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Denied UI Indiana

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  • Denied UI Indiana

    I was denied UI. The initial eligibility form I received stated there was "just cause."

    Specifically my denial read "The claimant was discharged due to a work related breach of duty."

    Question one: How can this determination be made w/o my input?


    I have a signed statement by my employer at the time of my discharge that states the reasons for my discharge.

    1) Not logging customers
    2) Not using computer data base as instructed.

    My supervisor has indicated verbally to myself and other employess in my dept that he does not care about us logging, nor does he care about us using the data base. His only concern verbally is "all I care about is you selling..That is your only responsibility."

    Now; how can I first of all be fired for obeying the wishes of my boss..and second, how can benefits be denied?
    I have several witnesses who work in my dept who have been given the same "job description" verbally as I have. They have all agreed to be witnesses at my appeal.

    1) Does this sound like I have a good chance of winning my appeal?

    2) Will simply listing my witnesses in my written appeal be sufficient, or do I need them to sign written statements?

    3) If the interview is conducted via telephone, how can my witnesses help?

    Thankyou all.

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