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Someone threaten to file SH.

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  • Someone threaten to file SH.

    I am a (Male) manager and another employee (Female) of another department made a public statement that I looked her up and down with my eyes. She proceeded to say that if I did not watch it that she was going to file SH. She made the statement in a department meeting in front of other employees.
    Obviously this is not the case. The person is upset because of an exchange of words between the two of us that did not go in her favor. In short, she was being disrespectful to me as a manger in company. I told her manager about it. The manager of this individuals department decided to address the fact that employees from other departments need to respect all managers. This is the point in which this person blurted out the above comments.

    Bottom line, this is not right. What do I need to do to protect myself? How can someone just go around throwing the SH word around. I think people are getting to carried away and they know that SH is the perfect way to get back a male that has made you mad in the work place.

    Is there anything I can do, how can I protect myself? I find these comments threatening, and offensive and an insult to my character. I don’t have time for these silly games. She was wrong, I corrected her, leave it at that. Why do you have to pull the SH crap!

    What can I do!

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    Your co-worker is free to file a compliant anytime against anyone, the question is will her claim be successful? The protection you can give yourself is to mak sure your behaivior is professional at all times. A claim of SH and stating that he looked me up and down with his eyes is extermely weak and a one time act is not considered sexual harassment. My suggestion is to go to your HR staff and discuss with them how she is threating you with SH. Beat her to the punch.
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