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Chronic Payroll errors Wyoming

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  • Chronic Payroll errors Wyoming

    2 parts to this thread, if I may....
    My husband and I have worked for a company active in the oil and gas industry in Wyoming for over a year. In that time, there were only 3 instances where our bi-monthly pay checks were correct. (Yes, only 3.) Our time is tracked by both the company for whom were are subcontracted out to and our employing company. How long does our employer have to get the corrected checks to us after being informed of their latest error? This past pay period, there were over 30 employees who were shorted, again. We're still waiting for back pay from '07 that "someone" is checking into. We are all required by them to have Direct Deposit or they won't pay until you do. That took 13 weeks for them to get taken care of.
    Also, were are required to clock in for the contracting company as well as signing in and out on our company board. If we clock in at 4 minutes after the hour, 30 minutes is deducted. If we clock out prior to 24 minutes after the hour, 30 minutes is deducted. Is this legal?
    Thanks for this moderating this forum. It's been an answer to a prayer.

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    Generally speaking, there is no specific time frame by which errors must be corrected. However, short of extensive research being required, the next paycheck should be plenty of time.

    If you're waiting for underpayments from 2007, though, that's not acceptable. You and your colleagues can file claims for unpaid wages with the state Dept. of Labor.

    Regarding direct deposit, no it cannot be made mandatory in Wyoming.

    Nothing in W.S. 27-4-101 through 27-4-103 shall be construed to prohibit an employer from depositing wages due or to become due or an advance on wages to be earned, in an account in any bank, savings and loan association, credit union or other financial institution authorized by the United States or one (1) of the several states to receive deposits in the United States if the employee has voluntarily authorized such deposit.
    (underlined emphasis mine)

    And regarding the 30-minute docking of pay, assuming you are nonexempt employees (generally speaking, paid on an hourly basis) you must be paid for all time worked and you are not being so under this scheme. The employer MAY round in/out times, but only to the nearest quarter-hour. That means if you clock in at 8:04, they could round to 8:00; if you clocked in at 8:08, they could round to 8:15. This is also something you should include in your claim for unpaid wages. I can't think of any possible exception for your industry; this is federal law.

    Sounds like payroll needs to get their act together. Have you, individually or collectively, complained to HR regarding the constant errors and delay in making the corrections?
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      response to Patty

      Thank you so much for your informative response. As far as collectively asking payroll to get their collective stuff together, in the oft quoted line by my favorite Blue Collar comedy star (sorry Jeff & Bill), Ron White, "You can't fix STUPID."
      The main pain in the payroll department is a close, personal friend of the owner's wife, who happens to be the head of HR, so figure...her husband also works for the same company. You can bet his pay is never jacked up.
      This woman has managed, on many occasions to DIRECT DEPOSIT paychecks into the wrong employees account! How in the world do you manage to do that? How in the world do you manage to continue to pay am employee who hasn't worked for the company for 9 months! "Oh, I guess I forgot I had his termination papers in his file." Duh!
      One would think that with the years of experience she has with this company, she'd manage to get maybe, TWO consecutive pay periods processed correctly, or at least get the error margin below 35%. This is in a company with over 400 employees at any one time, spread throughout 2 states. I've worked for INTERNATIONAL companies with THOUSANDS of employees all over the world who've maintained an error margin of less than 2%. The payroll program is manipulated on a daily basis, the old Garbage in Garbage out maxim applies here. The payroll department can be credited as the sole reason there is such MASSIVE employee turnover. Evidently, the investors are clueless about this. My God, the testing and training dollars wasted on this endeavor alone have to be in the 6 digits.
      Too bad, it's good wages, when you can finally get them collected! We'll be dragging up next week, after collecting vacation pay to go test for a company who's payroll is PRISTINE. There are 5 other employees who are going with us.

      Thank you again for you response, and for letting me VENT.
      I'll share it with the rest of the employees who've come to me for input.


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        I've been in payroll for over 30 years now and have managed payroll departments of as many as 20 staff issuing as many as 600,000 payments per year. I would have been out of a job (as would have been my staff) had there been that kind of error ratio. Of course, another cliche is that you can't fight City Hall..
        I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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