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Manager changing timecard Wisconsin

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  • Manager changing timecard Wisconsin

    I am a supervisor for a company in WI. I recently noticed I was missing hours on my time card. We use ADP. Our company uses the 7 minute rule. For example you clock in at 7:53am then your time starts at 8am. If you clock in at 7:52am then your time rounds down to 7:45am and you get paid an extra 15 minutes. I have several employees that I approve their time cards. When I noticed that I had missing hours I started looking though and I am unable to see where it was changed but for my employees that I supervise I can see where she changed theirs. I talked to another of the other supervisors and he looked into his department and noticed the same thing. This goes all the back to the opening. There were a couple times where 30 minute unpaid lunches where added on when the employee didn't take a lunch break. Other examples where when an employee clocked out at 2:53pm and she changed it to 2:52pm. This is being done several times a week to all employees over six months. I just brought this issue to HR. I know this can not be done. I plan on asking for a report of my time card with every change made to it. Will I be refunded for the time she changed on my time card? As well as the other employees. Will the company keep this manager on after doing something like this?

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    I have no idea if you will get a refund or what the company will do. How on earth can you expect us to?
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      There is no way we can know if your employer will give you any "refund" or what they will do re the manager. If you don't get paid for all the time you should be, you can file a claim/complaint with the Wi. Dept. of Workforce Development.
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        Just to be clear, under federal law (FLSA):
        • Changing the timesheet is legally nothing. The timesheet is legally the responsibility of the employer, not the employee. Whatever the employer does or does not do with the timesheet is solely between them and the government. The employee is not a legally interested party under FLSA.
        • HOWEVER, failing to meet minimum wage and overtime obligations based on actual hours worked is a very big deal under federal law. And many/most states have rules covering unpaid hours that do not directly impact the federal MW/OT rules. Please note that federal law does not generally care about base pay in excess of MW.
        • The non-exempt employee should ALWAYS keep track of their own time accounting at home. A small paper notebook and pen works great.
        • The 7 minute rule is a federal FLSA regulation.
        • As stated, no one here has any idea what your employer is or is not going to do. If you are being improperly paid, you can file a wage claim with your state DOL (whatever they call it).
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          You can certainly ask for the report and the refund. If it were me, I would refund the money and terminate the supervisor, but what your company will do I can't guess.


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            And sometimes in these situations the supervisor was doing exactly what they were told to do.
            "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away".
            Philip K. **** (1928-1982)


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              Are you saying that when you clock in at 7:52 for an 8:00 shift, you are only being paid from 7:52 until whatever time you clock out? Who is this "she" person? Your manager? Payroll Manager? Are you even paid hourly as a supervisor? Not do you have to clock in and out, but are you paid based on the hours worked or on a set salary.

              I am not sure the significance of changing a 2:53 clock in to 2:52. What do you think that was improper? Do you know why it was done?

              Did any of the employees who were docked for lunch breaks not taken inform payroll or whomever is responsible for the timesheets that this was the case?
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