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Two labor issues concerning compensation Wisconsin

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  • Two labor issues concerning compensation Wisconsin

    I work for a national corporation, but I assume these issues will be resolved through state law. So I'll ask here.

    Issue one: I started checking my time sheet because I was noticing on my pay stubs that it seemed that I was getting fewer hours than I knew I was working. It seems that if I punch in before 8am, they don't count any time before 8am as time paid. However, if I punch in after 5, they count that time. Should I complain to HR?

    Second issue: the company I work for actually works as the facilities manager of another company (and works in-house). One of our duties is to take care of the mail. However, we do certified mail and because there is no way to do that without traveling to the Post Office, we have to do that. The other company (which we provide services for) does not provide a vehicle for us to use, so we have to use our own. I have tried to speak with my company about reimbursement for mileage, but they will not give me a straight answer. It's is a 10 mile round-trip to the Post Office, and I believe since I am using my personal vehicle, I should be reimbursed. Am I wrong in this?

    Thank you for your help.

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    1. How much time are we talking about and are you actually working during this time?

    2. No, there is no legal requirement to pay you mileage or provide a car.
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      There are exactly two states with labor law requirements related to mileage reimbursement (CA and sometimes MA). The rest of the 48 states (including yours) and federal law do not consider this to be a legal requirement.

      Assuming that you are a Non-Exempt employee, then you must be paid based on actual hours worked. If you are an Exempt employee (one who has no legal right for paid overtime), then this is generally not true.
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        1. Yes, I work when I come in. Since it's a company-wide system, should I simply not punch in until 8? Or can I bring this up to HR?

        2. Understood.


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          Originally posted by JBDryden View Post
          It seems that if I punch in before 8am, they don't count any time before 8am as time paid.
          If your shift begins at 8 AM, it would be normal for the company to assume that you did no work before that. It you did, let them know (be prepared to justify this -- if you are replacing someone, the both of you won't be paid under normal circumstances). If you clocked in late AND did work before that (it happens, such as if you failed to remember to clock in), you need to let the employer know that, too.
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