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Does Employer have the right not to pay Hollidays? Washington

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  • Does Employer have the right not to pay Hollidays? Washington

    I was hired 02 years ago at a small & familly owned compay in WA. This year, our collegues & I didn't receive paid hollidays (July 4th & Labor Day) althought it says we have paid hollidays (including July 4th & Labor Day) in Employee Handbook. We don't know about our employer didn't give us any explain or say something at all. He only told us that when we receid paycheque & we asked the employer (because we didn't see paid holliday in paystuff). He said he didn't pay because of slow sale & low profit (something like that). Frankly all of us don't know at all about Labour Law. Is it lawful or legal in WA state?
    Please advise.
    Thanks so much!
    Edward JD

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    It's legal in every state for private (non-governmental) employers. No state requires holiday pay by law.
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      I found this on another website but would double check its validity first

      The state government in Washington does expect employers to honor their agreements with their employees, and so they will enforce holiday policies if your company has them and is ignoring them. Your employer can change their policies at will, however, as long as you are notified in writing. While your employer is not legally obligated to accommodate your holiday scheduling needs, if you make an agreement at the time of hiring about any standing holiday or religious obligations and get it in writing, then you will have a stronger case.

      The way I read it is if it is in your employee handbook that you get paid for those holidays then they have to pay you unless if they inform you in writing that they can not pay you for said holiday.

      More information can be found here


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