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Paid once a month with a month delay Washington

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  • Paid once a month with a month delay Washington

    I am working for this firm since May. I was told on my first day of work that
    they will pay at the end of the month. But I have to wait for a month for my first check, which means I will get my check for May at the end of June and I will get my check for June at the end of July.

    Is it legal? Can they do that?

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    According to The Payroll Source Book, Washington State (assuming that is the Washington you are referring to) has a required pay frequency of monthly and the maximum lag time can be no more then 7 days after the end of the pay period.

    So, I would say that the monthly pay period is ok, but the 30 day lag period is not ok. Past that, you would have to talk to the state department of labor (or whatever they call it). Your state is not my state and I do not know how they do things there.
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      Being layoff within 3 months


      I talked to my employer again and they agreed to pay every 15 days but still has a 15 days lag time.

      But things is getting worst. They layoff me on Aug 22. They paid me for the 15 days lag time which is from Aug 1-15 which is the paycheck I supposed to get on Aug 31. And they said they didn't owe me anything. But I talked to them about the salary for Aug 16-22. It took me 1/2 hour to explain to him.
      Finally, he needs the accountant to sort out the number for him.
      But I still not get my last paycheck for Aug16-22. I tried to talk to him and he said he will pay me yesterday(Sept 2). Of course I didn't get my check.
      I emailed him again today and this is what I got "Again, You will know as soon as I know. That is the plan."

      I worked for them from May 27 to Aug 22. Can I apply for unemployment?
      But I think I will get some part time job tomorrow.



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        Yes, you should apply for unemployment. Whether you will get it or not depends upon a number of factors, including the reason for your separation from this employer, and your eligible wages during the base period.

        Regarding your pay, if you have wages due, you can file a claim with the state DLI.
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