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employed now unemployed Washington

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  • employed now unemployed Washington

    I have been employed by the same company for almost a year. I have had a couple of issues with the company. One issue was that there was a new manager that came on board that talked to most of the females like we were little kids. I brought it up to the owner that it was unacceptable. At first he acted like he did not know what I was talking about, but once I gave him a for instance, he said oh yeah i remember that. I then went to the manager that I was talking about and explained to him that he need not talk like i am 5 years old.

    I also had a problem with the owner swearing and going off the handle with throwing things and yelling. He not only did it to me but other people, it made it like a place that you had to walk on egg shells, cuz you never knew what was going to set him off. I have had muffins thrown on the floor in front of my desk and staplers thrown, machines that were smacked around cuz they were not working the way that he wanted them to.

    I went to the dr because I was sick. I had walking pnemonia. I took a dr's note in on monday after i went to the dr's. My manager told me to stay home where i was contagious. I checked in every day and was assured that I had a job. I get a call on Thursday to see if i could make up some hours on saturday where I had been out all week. I explained that I was still sick. I even went to the dr's again and got another note where the medicine that i was put on was not working. I told the manager, that I would rather wait and come in on Monday and start fresh. Still assured that I had a job. I get a call on Friday afternoon to meet with the manager at 8:00 am on Saturday. I went in and I was told that they were letting me go from my job.

    I was let go because my name was on a letter that they got in the mail from the BBB because of a conflict that I was not authorized to handle and told the person that someone would call them back...And guess what, no one did. I have brought that to the attention of the manager that this was a problem of people not calling customers back and that the only reason why that person happened to have my name was becasue I was the operator.

    I was told that it was bad timing, but they got the letter right after it was written on March 5th, 2008. I asked if i could have a copy of why i was being let go and a copy of the letter...My manager at the time said that it felt like a law suit was coming on and he did not feel he needed to provide me with the information. So i am sitting here with not really knowing why i was let go. They did interview people while i was out sick and verbally being told i had a job and then had someone sitting at my desk on monday doing my job.

    I was told that they would write me a glowing letter of recommendation...which they did...and that they would not fight my unemployment...which i do not know yet...When something smells fishy, it usually is...I am not familiar with Washington laws as I have only been employed at this one place since living out here a year...Any help would be greatly appreciated..

    We had no labor laws posted, no handbooks nothing to go by.

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    I worked in Clark county...Vancouver...and it was a storesonline company


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      my title was operator and accounts receivable manager


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