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Harrasment from ignorant HR - Washington

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  • Harrasment from ignorant HR - Washington

    So I work in Washington for a Global company. My manger resides in England. I am the LAN Admin. Our accountant has just been placed in charge of HR for the local office. Back in December, I had issues with myself being classified as salary exempt ( I was required to work 7-7 Mon - Sat). The accountant seemed to have her own agenda as an accountant and not representing HR. Anyway, since then, anytime money is spent from my IT budget which comes out of the Corp office in the England, she gets very mad and hot under the collar. To make a very long story short, she yelled at me about my documenting all hours worked Sun - Sat and told me I can only document time M-F 7AM - 4PM for a max of 40 hours (I'm required to work late and weekends as I am IT and need to do server maintenance), any missed time in there goes against sick time or vacation. Anyway, during this conversation, she had a 15 page document on her desk stating she has this right. This is fine, but she grabbed it with two hands and shoved it in my face. I thought she was going to hit me in the face with it, I almost grabbed it to stop it from hitting my face, who knows where that would have gone, This was last week.
    Friday I lost my cell phone, it either got stolen or fell out of my holster. As I had prior approval from my boss in the England and the former Pres of our office (who left last month), I called the cell company and had it cancelled and replaced with a new phone. (I use the cell to receive alerts from servers etc... if there is ever a server issue or server room temperature issue. ) She told the gal at the font desk to decline the phone when it is delivered. She then proceeded to raise her voice and was very very worked up (You know, her heart was racing and she seemed to be very out of breath). It seemed to me that it was a threat to her on her accounting side and therefore had her own personal agenda totally undermining the best intrest for the company with total disregard for respect or bullying\intimidation laws. (I'm not the first one to lose their cell phone, others just got replaced.) Anyway, there is no policy stating that I can not order\replace my phone or that only she can order new phones etc.. as I had prior approval from the former Pres when he was on staff, I also had approval from my IT manger in the England to have a phone to perform my job. I later (when she was calmed down) went to discuss this with her. She laid into me about how dare I include my boss on her declining my phone. And that she can play this game too. (I'm thinking what the hell is she talking about? I just replaced my phone) She then threw a Disciplinary action notice in front of me to sign. I declined to sign it as I did not violate any rules, policies etc... I asker her to show me the policy violatedand she stated that it is not written, but should be common sense to not have my phone replaced and that she will write one up real quick if I need it in writing. I told her that if she places this in my file or demands my signature, I will then file a grievance with the corporate office in England. Well since then she ranted and raved about why I did not come discuss this phone issue after he visit to my office. I told her becuase she was all worked up and being argumentative and I refuse to argue with her or anyone. I told her I would be happy to discuss it however. But that it is not the first time she has raiseed her voice at me and being very intimidating. Another employee, (the HR's side kick) told me that she doens't know what the hecck her problem is and that she is way out of order and that this is obviously a case of local management wanting power over IT and that this issue is so blown out of purportion. It seems that I am being bullied by the HR gal that has total disregard for WA Law. the previous argument about my OT, she stated that since my boss is in the UK, I fall under UK Law and not Washington Law. So if this tells you how much she knows about Laws and HR. She is a huge liability to the company.

    Does this sound like I have a case with my boss of Workplace bullying?

    Please keep in mind that this is not the only run ins with her.
    She came to my desk wanting help with a word document and I told her it would be just a bit that I am working on something else. She then threatened to call my boss to tell him that she asked me for help and that I refused to help her.

    Yes, it seems that she has her own agenda and totally underming the companies best intrest.

    When she screws up and goes against the law, should I throw Employment law at her? I know some of them. My last employer fired me accusing me of an affair with the President of Legal. Yes, she was hot, but no I did not, she was married and fired 3 days prior after a merger.

    How do I walk into this stuff?

    So how do you use HR as a company resource if they are ignorant to law and have a personal agenda against you?

    Any help, comments etc... would be greatful. My blood pressure has gone from 82\133 3 weeks ago to no 106\157. Good Lord, is it obvious that this stresses me out even though I have done nothing wrong. I want her to lose her job as a liability factor.

    I have also had run ins with her about the dresscode policy, everyone wears jeans in the office. Mine were brand new and you could see the thread lines. She threatend to write me up and then spoke bad about me and my clothes to other women in the office during a meeting. I only confrantedher about, She is not m y supervisor and that she needs to get after her reports whom have the most faded jeans such as just the butt, that I have ever seen. I told her that she is required to enforce policy on everyone the same, not just people she has an issue with.

    Arg! and the stories continue. I could go on and on an on. But sounds like WOrk place bullying from HR.

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    Sounds like she is a jerk, but being a jerk is not illegal. There isn't an anti bullying law.
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      As I agree with everything this last poster said, you should still document everything that goes on between the both of you, word for word, so if it comes to head, she can not say she never said that. The bottom line is, the better your documentation, the most likely they will believe that it really happened. It also boils down to this, if it does come to a head, they will have to make a choice, and if she is just being a jerk, but not breaking any laws, there is a great chance that she will not go or be let go. Here is a site you can look at to see the difference between exempt salary, and non exempt salary. I do not know enough about it to let you know if she is classifying you wrong. You could also contact your states Department of Labor, to see if that is a correct classification, not sure, like I said, I am not an expert about this. Here is the site, let me know if you get anything out of it.

      Here is another site with some information on this.
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