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Denied Unemployment (do I have a good case?) Washington

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  • Denied Unemployment (do I have a good case?) Washington

    Hope this isn't to long, I had two jobs and was layed off my primary job and then only had my second part time job. Unemployment contacted my part time job and they said they could get me 40 hours, but as it turns out (I was a caregiver) most of the hours were for a position I haven't had the medical training to do, I talked to unemployment and they said I didn't have to take jobs I was qualified to do. Well this torked off my employer as they had to pay a larger quaterly amount and were never able to get me much more then 18 to 20 hours a week so they were losing money on me. This went on for several months and they were pretty nasty through out the whole ordeal.

    Then they demanded I come in and change my wording to unemployment when I refused they no longer would give me any hours. Here's kind of the sticky part, they sent me certified letters, (I later found out) that if I didn't come in and talk to them they would assume I had quit. Well about this time I was unaware that some of my mail was being stolen the certified letter notices included. I didn't find this out until several months later after the sheriffs department sent some of the stolen mail to the local post master and he returned them to me. I still to this day don't know all that was stolen and disgarded. They told unemployment I had quit and when I did my written explanation of that I hadn't quit, they quit giving me work. Unemployment said I had quit and it wasn't job related. Unaware of the certified letter notices, I also informed unemployment my mother had moved in with me as she was needing care do to several medical problems. They cut me off of my unemployment anyway. My employer sent paperwork to unemployment I was doing a bad job and not returning my e-mails or phone calls. I never received any e-mails or phone calls, they are lying about that. After trying to contact them by phone and leaving messages about getting more work and then when my mother was really getting bad I tried to contact them about her with no results, this was by phone and I have no proof of these call, but they don't have proof of any of the so called calls they made either. After not getting a reponse from them, I then e-mailed them a voluntary quit due to my mother's health issues and requested my evaluations, I also sent them a hard copy of my voluntary quit. I never heard from them about that either. I sent a second e-mail again asking for my evaluations to be sent to me. I got this surprised ohh we thought something terrible had happened to you as you didn't answer e-mails or messages left (there were no e-mail or messages) and how they missed me and I had been such a good worker blah, blah, blah. Even thought this same person stated to unemployment I was doing a bad job! I did the voluntary quit before my unemployment was cut off, I think I forgot to mention that.

    I then filed a appeal, I send the judge the letter from the postmaster explaining the situation with my not getting the certified letter notices, also a doctors verification that I needed to care for my mother, which goes back to October before they quit giving me work, I know this is a valid reason to do a voluntary quit. Along with documents that I denied going to some jobs because I wasn't qualified, and sent them what the differences were between a PCA and an HHA I would need clinical and classroom training to be an HHA (which I have never had) this was even stated in their own training manual! I send copies of all my e-mails of the denial of these jobs and why along with proof that the jobs were an HHA level and not a PCA level. My x employer sent me their documents for their appeal and in them they say how good of a job I did at least 3 times. But brought up the refusal to go to the HHA jobs. (This is getting long and complicated.) Trying to remember all the documents I sent to the Judge. They didn't submit any proof of e-mails or documentations of phone calls only the returned certified letter. This pretty much all they had for evidence. So they've told me and the judge I did such a good job, BUT they told uemployment I was doing a bad job!!!

    I'd informed my employer that one client was getting really bad and I couldn't keep lifting him because I kept straining my back, I e-mailed this to my employer (and also sent a copy to the judge) as proof I was at risk of being injured and they weren't doing anything about it. Well this went on for two months and finally they reavluated him up to an HHA level without telling me. I found out by accident and then told my employer I could no longer handle him as he was beyond my ability.

    They claimed I was a no show at a job, but they didn't send any documentation of when in November, they only claimed I did, this is also a lie I sent the judge copies of my schedule for the month and signed timecards to prove I had been to each of the jobs assigned to me.

    They also claimed to the judge that the computer matches the caregivers to the clients based on the caregivers abilities, well I have an e-mail from my employer stating that they changed my level from a PCA to an HHA in the computer so I could still work for the one client I had???? I told the judge in my letter that all this does is match me up with clients beyond my ability and puts us both at risk of injury! I'm not trained to do these jobs, ggeezzz!!! The judge got a copy of this e-mail also.

    I even have some more evidence of their untruths but this is getting ridiculously long and I'm a lousy speller so I won't bore you anymore. How much of a chance do you think I have at winning this case, it's over the phone 4/27? Hope this is not to confusing.
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