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Unemployment/"laid off" as a substitute teacher Virginia

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  • Unemployment/"laid off" as a substitute teacher Virginia

    I was never told that I was "laid off." Instead, I was notified that my personnel file contains an "expiration date," and, of course, that date was immediate. I filed for unemployment, and now am waiting for the unemplyment compensation deputy to call me, in a conference call with the school system, to determine if I qualify for UC.

    I substituted in the school systems for 6 months. I faced gangs in the middle school classrooms, and high schools, so I rapidly stopped subbing there. I stayed instead with the lower grades, mostly fourth grade and under. However, I had no idea that using a stack of papers in my hand to "shoo" children along to the cafeteria could ever, or would ever, be twisted into such an accusation as this:

    I was told that there was a complaint from one (third grade) student that I "inappropriately touched him on the bottom so as to be construed as spanking." I was shocked....and of course, know that this never happened.

    Apparently the child has, perhaps through his parents' efforts, gotten two other "witnesses." I was let go immediately. I was never given an opportunity to defend myself, to discuss this with the Principal, and I am in utter shock.

    Since then, in the past month, I have noticed school sysytems across the country have not had propblems with substitute teachers, but with their HIRED teachers. Nine third graders were arrested in a plot to kill their teacher, a Principal was arrested yesterday for pot, partying and porn with some girl students (elementary school age) and all sorts fot hings. My question is whether or not they will consider something so unproven and inncouous as touching a child on the shoulder (with papers in my hands) as I am hustling them along to lunch can be worsened and misconstrued to the point I will be making a bigger problem for myself to ask for unemployment?

    I just began to receive social security ($534 a month!) after working for 30 years, and I cannot afford the rising cost of food and I went back to work last October. I need to make this extra $1,000 a month to literally stay above water.)

    I tried to find other work, seriously looking for the past three weeks...I have applied even for minimum wage jobs, like grocery cashier but I get no replies becvause of my age....I am a college graduate who had her own businesses for 29 years. Never took one dime of welfare or handouts til now, when I really need the UC.

    They have already stalled my application twice, and now that 3 weeks has gone by,I get a letter stating the deputy/conference call will occur on a specific date in late April.....I am trying hard to decide if I want to go through this process at all, but I am desperate. My reputation is at stake and I feel to do or say nothing at this point is to agree with their ridiculous false claims.

    I have always thought the truth was the best policy, and am not about to change that, but I wonder if dropping my unemployment claim is wise, because uinless they agree that I was let go through no fault of my own, I will not qualify for the unemployment (which will only be half what I need, i.e., $500 anyway.)

    The school systems are absolutely corrupted, without boundaries of common sense, and without hope unless some sort of common sense is allowed. The children know they have th teachers over a barrel and can make false claims and get away with it.

    They do not want substitute teachers just "babysitting", so I took that to heart, and my students always finsihed thier work,a dn begged me to come back...Many loved me, and I feel a travesty has occurred. What should I do?

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    Some UI is better than no UI. Don't drop it.
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      Agree, file the claim for UI. If you get denied, you can appeal. Good luck on your job search.
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        thanks for the encouragement

        I got out my rain gear, and am going to dance in the rain and not worry about when the storm will pass...

        I thank you for your answers........the news is full of what is wrong with the schools and the students, and the teachers. I consider my case to be mild....but I am wondering if someone else's claims, unproven, can mean that UI will decide it was my fault that I was let go....

        It was NOT my fault. I notice the art teacher in Baltimore yesterdaym who was attacked viciously by the students, was told by her Pricipal that she "triggered" the attack....that is the crazy upside down school system.

        Thanks for the go-ahead. I also meant to say that the school contacted the Child Protective Services about it, but the assistant principal who had to make the phone call to me about it initially, and the folowing day, said not to worry, that CPS probably wouldn't do anything about it...OH GREAT.

        I am a threat to children now? Because I may have "shooed" some third graders into the cafeteria [lovingly, I might add].

        I see nothing but terror coming in the schools....the kids are attacking their teachers, as young as third grade, and the ones who are not attacking and videotaping it, and are telling their rabid parents stories of how they are "victims"; it is then the parents who are threatening lawsuits over the parents' exaggerated claims.

        It went from "touching a student's behind so as to be construed as spanking" to the next day being called "swatting." I think that a child cannot conceive of either claim......the child (8 years old) was there when I hurried them into the cafeteria, as were the other 29 students. None of them complained. But perhaps, when I called on him to answer a question later in the day, that he could not, he decided to say I spanked him????? I have no clue. I thought everyone went home happy and so glad I subbe for them that day. I noticed noone of them who may have been even the slightest bit upset about anything.


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