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Pay reqirements for piece rate pay in utah

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  • Pay reqirements for piece rate pay in utah

    I work for a company that pays its employees by the hour. One exception is the final step of the production. They are paid on a piece rate. The work they do can only be processed once the other production lines are done. Also they have to stayed clocked in and finish all the work for that day no matter how long it will take. Sometimes taking 18 to 22 hours. These employees are often waiting for work since their work does not start till the other areas finish.

    The company is paying them by piece but not providing a continuous work flow. Is this legal? They are also refusing to provide a calculation or formula so that the employees can track their own pay. Does the company have to legally provide this information if the employee asks?

    My main concern is what the pay requirements are. One of the employees worked 120 hours and was only paid 800 dollars.

    1. In the state of Utah is there a minimum wage requirement for piece rate employees?

    2. Is there an overtime pay requirement?

    My second concern is if the company pays by the piece do they have to provide the work continuously.

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    What are the employees doing while waiting for work? If it is 22 hours, are they free to leave and return at a set time?


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      Originally posted by HRinMA View Post
      What are the employees doing while waiting for work? If it is 22 hours, are they free to leave and return at a set time?

      **They do not do any other type of work while they wait. They are told not to do anything else. They just wait either for more work or for the server to process the previous batch. In some case they wait for an off site IT to come fix the machine. During all that time their pay rate is dropping because no work is being processed and they are required to be on the clock because they are required to stay at the facility.**

      They are scanning documents prepared by hourly rate employees. The type of work is set on a clean desk policy. All the work that comes in has to go out within 24 hours. They are required to stay in or around the facility until the work is done. Most Mondays they work between 18 and 22 hours.

      The HR and the manager of this team has on multiple occasions refused to provide a formula or pay-rate for the employees to calculate their own time. Whenever an employee asks, they provide the number of pages that employee was paid for and the amount of hours they worked. It does not show an hourly rate, an overtime rate, or a piece rate. Just the two numbers that make absolutely no sense to the employee.

      I am rambling today. I am a little "got to do something, injustice injustice" right know. Sorry. One employee asked for his numbers from HR today and they don't add up.


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        Under federal law, employee must be paid at least minimum wage but time and a half for hours worked over 40. I do not have Utah employees so I looked over the state website. There doesn't appear to be any stricter rules.

        So if the piecemeal rate is higher than what I described above, it is legal. If gross wages drop below minimum wage for hours worked, that is illegal and a claim can be filed with the state.


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