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employer is impossible

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  • employer is impossible

    Our office recently hired a new GM who works over 6 operations managers in our organization. Among other things, he has berated employees for supposed violations he perceived they had made, and several times afterward found out he was incorrect in his actions and had to come back and apologize. I recently overheard him in one of his tirades to a crew state that his managers (myself included) were liars and incompetant.

    So many complaints were made to HR regarding this guy that the VPs came down to meet with him to discuss how he treats his employees. One of the complaints included harrassment from a female employee. He was told if they came back down again, he would be released from employment. This was last week. It has gotton progressively worse since they left. Do I or any of my coworkers have any kind of case for harrassment?

    The problem is, the VP say that the "numbers", meaning profit etc are up since he came, so that is why he was given a second chance, so I'm doubtful they will follow through even if they receive more complaints. Meanwhile, myself and all my coworkers are a nervous wreck and feel like we are being held hostage because we need the job.

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    This is not "harrassment" in the legal sense of the term, although I agree it must be a terribly uncomfortable environment. Are the employees going to report the continuing treatment to HR? The company appears to not condone this type of treatment of its employees.

    I'm not unsympathethic, but there is no legal recourse based on what you have posted.

    FYI, illegal harrassment is treatment based on a protected characteristic, such race, age, gender, religion, national origin, etc. or because you reported a violation of law to the proper regulating authority.
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      Yes, everyone is still reporting everything to HR. There is another meeting scheduled for next tuesday between him, all the managers, and the COO so that everyone can air their greivances.

      He told the HR lady yesterday that he wanted myself and one other manager gone. i feel like his treatment of me has been with the intention of running me off. especially after his first meeting with the COO and VP.

      so basically there is nothing i can do? The company does have a handbook, and in the handbook, under the code of conduct it says:

      Violations of any of the following performance standards may result in disciplinary action and/or immediate discharge:

      there is a list, but this is the one i'm interested in:
      "Abusive or discourteous language or threatening, harrassing or inflicting bodily harm to fellow employees."

      always the first thing out of this guys mouth, always, is a threat to fire everyone. he's made grown men cry who work under me.
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        Well, let's just see what happens in this meeting. Obviously the company is concerned, othewise they'd be writing you all off.
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