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Employer owes me money

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  • Employer owes me money

    My husband is finally quitting his job because they are not paying bonuses as promised. The last one was 4 months overdue and really put us in a bind, as well as his coworkers. Slowly, one by one, they are all finding new jobs, as my husband did. He has not put in his notice yet, but the company owes him roughly $3000 in bonus money, not to mention an additional $250 b/c on his last paycheck they took out benefits twice. It was SUCH a struggle to get his last bonus check. He's afraid now that he's quitting, he won't get the money he earned. He does, however, have all the documentation of the bonus money he earned, the contract that was signed that designated the terms of the bonuses (how they are earned, when they are to be paid, etc.). I've read that if he turns in his notice, his employer has 6 days to pay him all the money that is due to him. Did I understand this correctly? It would be a Godsent if it works like this. We have been so frustrated just trying to get our money but have felt backed up against a wall, afraid he won't get paid what he's already earned. What recourse would we have if they don't pay?

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    He can call the TWC to inquire as to whether the contract (assuming it is a bona fide, enforceable contract) would cause them to characterize the bonuses as "wages" and thereby subject to the 6-days-on-demand pay requirement upon termination and, if it does, whether the TWC can enforce the payment or whether he would have to get an attorney.

    Regarding the double deduction of insurance, has he asked the payroll person or HR representative when that will be corrected?
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