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Terminated & final paycheck

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  • Terminated & final paycheck

    Terminated and Final Check

    Curious about when one should be paid. Fired before the holidays that would have been paid and also before I was able to use my vacation time which was already approved and scheduled. Termination over a verbal conversation and APPROVED time off that never got documented by sup.
    I might add that I was constantly praised on my job performance by sup. (even the week prior) although due to a change over in several staff members and HR I did not rec'v some of my promised benefits, merit increase or performance review etc.
    Company short staffed and in a financial state rang throughout the office for months. In went the OT, no lunches, extra effort, I even offered to work for free a few hours to help out on weekend.
    I want my final paycheck, holiday pay, sick time and vacation time owed. I am still coming out on the short end since I never rec'vd the package I was offered and accepted the job with!
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    Texas law requires that an employer pay earned wages to their fired-employee not more than six days after releasing that employee.


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      However, there is no state that requires payout of accrued sick pay or holiday pay that occurred after your termination date, and Texas law only requires payout of accrued vacation pay if they have a written policy to do so and you meet any criteria that may be set out in the policy to qualify.
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