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Notice of wage decrease

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  • Notice of wage decrease

    A friend of mine has been working for a restaurant as a bartender/supervisor. He notified the Gen Manager that he did not want to do any of the supervisor stuff any longer on 11/9 and since then has only been bartending. He was expecting his wages to go from $8/hr back to $6/hr which is what he was making before he started doing supervisor duties.

    The problem is that his last paycheck (from the 1st of the month) is entirely for $5.15/hr for the entire payperiod. He was expecting a pay change as of the 9th, and only back to his original pay rate. He also never received any notice, written or otherwise, as to the decrease in pay rate. However, he did sign a written notice when he received his earlier raise.

    Is an employer in TX required to notify an employee of a wage decrease. Can the wage decrease be retro-active to the beginning of the pay period.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Pay Rate Change

    Under Texas law an employer can change an employees's pay - increase or decrease - or change their job duties, as long as notification is given to the employee prior to the changes taking effect. Notification can be verbal or written. The law does not specify how far in advance the notice must be given. These changes can also be oral or in writing. Normally, by continuing employment under these new conditions, the employee implies agreement.

    These changes cannot legally be retroactive since for there to be an agreement both parties must be aware of the conditions before they occur.
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