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Salaried Employee and Laws Concerned Texas Texas

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  • Salaried Employee and Laws Concerned Texas Texas

    I started work May 1st, 2007, for a man who owns two chicken farms. The 'verbal' understanding was that I repair fences and do other work on one to pay for rent to a home we lived in that belonged to the man's parents, but he had to trade out rent because he couldn't show it as income on his income tax. The second farm was for my wages, which I filled out a w-2 for, and was told I was a salaried worker.
    I get no insurance, no vacation, no time off unless I request it, and am told I'm on call 24/7, and cannot be more than 2 hours drive away from these farms. It has affected my marriage because we have to be there for my boss 24/7/ nearly 365. My wife has never been asked to fill out a w-2 or 1099, but she has consistantly helped me take care of these farms during this time, and she has a quadriplegic daughter who will be 25 yrs old Feb. 26th. She makes her daughter a bed in our truck, and helps what she can.
    When the boss confronts us on Jan. 31st, 2011, that he hears around town we're not satisfied, and we feel he is using us, my wife asks him, "Is getting two weekends off a month so I and my husband can have time for us, asking too much?", he started in on her and she walked out. He told her running away wasn't going to solve the problem. She told him, he wouldn't listen to her, and she wasn't on his payroll, so she didn't have to answer to him.
    He brings up the fact that he allowed us to purchase, on monthly payments, two vehicles and a tractor without charging us interest, etc. Sort of a no win situation. Then, without warning, he cuts my paycheck. He was paying gross, 2,100.00 per month, for me, not my wife. He made it a point that she's not on the payroll, her work is voluntary. He said since he's giving me two weekends off a month now, he's having to pay someone else to do those at a 100.00 per weekend. It's the same guy that helps me during the week, whom, he's told us, he pays under the table so his disability check doesn't get messed up. He said because I was salary, that means I have to work however many hours he says, and when he wants. Someone please help me with this. What are the labor laws in Texas concerning a salaried farm/agricultural worker? He had a partner that owned 49%, and he 51% of this company. Partner is God knows where, some legal issues going on there I know nothing about, but I'm having to do EVERYTHING the partner did, but I have nothing in return. Just a little fed up with him shoving down my throat that he basically owns me as I'm salaried and on 24/7 call, can't be more than 2 hours a way, 3 at the most (that's drive time to there and back!), he provides our home, but we pay all our own utilities; and then tells me he thinks he's being more than fair because he has friends that have chicken farms that only pay there mexican workers $800.00 per month plus their housing!!! Fed up! What can a person do? Then on top of that, have been told he has the best lawyer in the business! Is THAT a threat? So frustrated, and feel threatened....someone please help give me some answers, or help referrals or something...thank you.

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    Contact Texas Workforce Commission:

    Good luck!


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