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EMS Labor Laws Texas

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  • EMS Labor Laws Texas

    Few questions here.
    1) If you and your partner on the ambulance, have a heavy pt. lets say 250 lbs, and the pt lives on the second story of an apartment building, when you call your ambulance company for lift assist, are they required to send lift assist? and if all avaliable units are on other calls, should they contact a local fd to assist in getting this pt to their residence?
    2)If on a 24 hr shift, are you permitted to sleep during the shift if there is no calls coming in? During the day or at night? If all your station duties are done, and there is no calls coming in, is it possible to catch a nap in the back of the ambulance, or do you have to stay awake for the duration of your shift?

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    These are not labor laws, per se. Certainly there must be guidelines in the industry. What does you company say? (BTW, sleeping is permitted if the employer says it is,)
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