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Slander case? Texas

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  • Slander case? Texas

    Cliff notes at bottom:

    What happened is two weeks ago I quit my job as a pizza delivery guy in Austin. I will admit that how I quit was a little off hand but I will get to that later.

    What is going on now the owner of the store deducted all of my paycheck with out letting me know. I had to find out from another person that my paycheck was voided out. They are also accusing me of stealing and breaking property. The safe has a deposit bag inside and someone stole money out of it something like 100-160 of money (The safe has a code to get in but only managers on duty know the code and I am not one of them), and the thermostat was set to 34 and one of the A/C compressors burnt out. Now they are blaming it on me and another person that quit. Also something about a toilet being broken but that thing has been broken for a long time now. The manager and his girl friend (she works there to) have both said to friends of mine that me and this other person did all of this. Also they have been in contact with the other person that quit when I did but have not once tried to call me or anything. All of this is stuff that I did not do or have any where about to what happened after I left.

    Now let me tell you how I quit basically I stuck a lot of stickers on my drop box and wrote on there I quite have a nice day and I will miss some of you guys. and left. I did not leave a two week notice or anything along the lines of that, just got up and left now two weeks later this is happening. The other person that quit was the manager on duty she is the one that has told me all of this. She left 30 minutes after I left. She tryed calling the manger but went to some lock in the night before and was to tired to answer his phone.

    Cliff Notes:
    Worked at Pizza Place
    Quit unexpectedly
    Paycheck Voided out
    100-160 dollars taken out of safe
    Broken A/C compressor
    Slander from ex manager and his girlfriend

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    For your wages that were deducted without your authorization and if violation of state law, file a claim with the Texas Workforce Commission.

    Sec. 61.018. DEDUCTION FROM WAGES. An employer may not withhold or divert any part of an employee's wages unless the employer:

    (1) is ordered to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction;

    (2) is authorized to do so by state or federal law; or

    (3) has written authorization from the employee to deduct part of the wages for a lawful purpose.

    Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 269, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

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