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FMLA and short term disability assistance Texas

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  • FMLA and short term disability assistance Texas

    I have been on FMLA since October 12. I did not call in on the 13th but sent my supervisor a text message per policy. She and the regional manager called me today to inform me that I must call in each day I will be out until I return to work and that I will be written up when I return because I did not call in on the 13th despite the text message. Do I have to call in each day? Can I be disciplined for not calling if I texted and have proof of text (it is stored in my phone)? Can I be fired for not calling in? Can my employer tell me that since I did not "call in" my FMLA is no longer active and thus I will not be able to file Short Term Disability? Help!!!


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    FMLA has nothing to do with disability benefits. FMLA is job-protected leave; STD is how you get paid when you are ON leave (FMLA or not).

    Off the top of my head, I would think that if workers on non-FMLA leave had to call in every day, then they could require that of you, too. (Although check back for further responses, I could be wrong.)

    But, is this intermittent FMLA or a fixed period of continuous time?
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      I am on a fixed period of continuous time.

      We are required to call each day the initial week, once per week after the first week of absence and the final day of absence to let the supervisor know you are coming back to work per attendance policy.



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