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Two Offices Texas

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  • Two Offices Texas

    I work for a dentist that owns multiple offices, I was hired on as Office Manager for one of the offices with a minimum 45 hour work week and all the overtime I wanted to work. After 3 months employment I had reduced their outstanding insurance claims down by $80,00.00. My supervisor told me(verbally, she will not put anything on paper) that she would make a new position for me within the company, so I would only be working outstanding insurance claims for all the offices, I could set my own hours and so on. After thinking about this for about a month I told her that I would like to discuss this new position. Two days later I get a phone call from her telling me it is a "done deal" that I would be working 3 days at one office and 2 day at a different office. I sent her an email to verify additional information, concerning the pay rate, and since I would be working at two locations would I still receive my overtime. I was told there would be no pay increase since the practice was not making money and there would be no overtime pay since time worked would be between two offices. (even though it would still be a 45+ hour work week. I declined the position.
    Now 1 month later I have been told I will either take the position, which has changed since our original conversation, (it is now a demotion as far as I am concerned) or I will not have a job.
    My questions:
    1. Legally can they make me take this position?
    2. If I refuse the position and they fire me what are my chances of obtaining unemployment benefits?
    3. If I work two offices with one owner and work overtime do they have to pay me overtime wages?
    Thank you for any imput you may have.

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    1. Of course not, unless you have an employment contract requiring you do so.

    2. Poor to certainly not.

    3. That they do, yes.
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      Thank you for your response!! As far as the overtime pay is concerned, would it make difference if the offices had seperate names and they keep they payroll seperate? For instance, there have been times they have sent staff from one office to work in my office and the hours are reported seperately. Rumor has it they send staff to another office if they are close to having overtime. I know other staff that has worked 40 hours in one office, so they send them to the other office to finish the week out so they don't have over 40 hours in the same office for one week. Does this sound legal to you? This is just one of many questionable things they do.
      Thanks again.


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        Regulations on Joint Employment.
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          Thank You for Your help!


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