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unemployment with two jobs Texas

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  • unemployment with two jobs Texas

    I live in Texas. I make 12 dollars an hour at a full time job. I have a part time job making 7.50 an hour. My full time job is closing permanently as of Sunday and my part time job has no full time positions opened. Am I eligible for unemployment and does anyone know how they will calculate my benefits since i have two jobs.

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    When you asked the UI office, what did they say?
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      This will be a soft answer.
      - On the "are you eligible for UI", that is a definite maybe. File a UI claim. It works or it does not. States have rules allowing for reductions in wages and this is that. Is this enough "that" under TX rules - no idea. But it costs you nothing to file.
      - On your other question, there is something called a wage base. Your state looks at 4 quarters, generally somewhere in the 7-18 month range. They look at all wages reported by all employers for those quarters and if you are otherwise eligible for UI, they use those numbers to determine the amount of the benefit. They will also reduce any payout by looking at what your part time job pays. The reduction is not one-for-one, but there will be a reduction.
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