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Rate of pay lowered without notice?? Texas

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  • Rate of pay lowered without notice?? Texas

    Hello i work for a small company that has two franchise stores. About 6 months ago i moved from one store to our other store and was given a raise for doing so, along with being past my one year employment mark. After being there for a little while i was moved back to our other store and when i got back and got my fist paycheck my pay had been reduced to my previous pay rate. No notice was given to me, and to this day it has been discussed with my manger and owner and no clear answer was ever given on if it was going to stay that way or go back to my higher rate.

    I have since put in my notice as i am getting divorced and moving out of state. I am still being paid at the lower rate now for a month and half now with no real resolution. They have just assumed i have accepted it and moved on i guess.

    It this legal?

    They have also told me i forfeit all my vacation time (i have not taken a vacation day ever in 2 years i have worked here).

    What do i do?

    this is in texas (dallas to be specific, if it matters)

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    No, you must be notified of a decrease before you work the hours at the lower rate. I would recommend, since you're quitting anyway, wait until you're out the door, then file a claim with the TWC for the difference between the effective date and the date you were notified.

    Texas law does not unconditionally require payment of accrued (earned) vacation at termination, only that the company comply with its own policy regarding such payments or conditions under which it may be forfeited.
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