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Missed paydates for wages and expenses Tennessee

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  • Missed paydates for wages and expenses Tennessee

    I work for a large national grocery store chain. I am emplyeed in TN but work in MS and AR as well. I am a carpenter and remodle thier stores. On a regular basis I am not payed my wages on time, this has happened when they mailed my check and since I have been on direct deposit. Pay can be anywhere from a day late if there was a holiday at anytime durring that week. To a week or more late if the payroll person screwed up. When our HR department is made aware of the problem we are genrally told we have to wait untill the next payday and will be caught up then. Is this legal/ Is there anything that can be done to make them pay us on time?

    The same thing happens with my travel reimbursment for milage and expenses. They tell us we will be paid on such and such a date and we are not. Currently I am owed over $2600 in travel expenses and can no longer even get a projected date as to when I will be reimbursed. We were getting reimbursed weekly but they changed it to monthly 2 months ago. We were told we would be paid one week after the end of a 4 week period. It has been 5 weeks since the end of the first period and I have not been reimbursed. When I speak to our accounting department I get no answers and can not be put in contact with anyone that will have answers. DO I have any legal recourse here, besides sue and get myself fired?

    Also I have required to transport another employee to and from work in my personal vehichle. This employee has a known drug problem and has been caught smoking pot at work. I told my supervisor I did not want to transport the drug user in my vehichle, for fear of getting into trouble with the police. My supervisor told me if I did not transport this guy to and from work then I would be laid off. Is that legal? Our company does have a no drug policy and tests most of the employees, but not the construction guys. I called HR and complained about it last year and was told they would look into it but nothing was ever done.

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    1. Re timing of pay, you have two different situations. If you were issued a check instead of (or in addition to) your direct deposit, as long as it was mailed on payday, there is likely no violation. If your hours are short, theoretically there is no exception allowing the employer to wait until the next paycheck to make up the difference. Realistically, though, by the time you got a claim for unpaid wages filed with the state DOL and it worked its ways through the system, the next paycheck would probably have come and gone. Terrible customer service, I must say, though.

    2. Your expenses are not a wage and hour issue, since there only two states which require reimbursement and Tennessee is neither of them. That's a lot of money to be out for over a month, though. Have you spoken to HR about the inconvenience this is causing? Not saying being paid monthly is the best thing, but it's not illegal.

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