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Budget Cut and New Format end job in South Carolina

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  • Budget Cut and New Format end job in South Carolina

    I'm glad we missed getting all that snow!
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    South Carolina does not require the payout of unused accrued vacation pay on termination. You can certainly ask for it, but they have no legal requirement to give it you. In many cases in states where there is no requirement to pay it, company policy may govern, so the question would be does the company have a policy of paying it out. If not, you may be out of luck on that.

    No state requires the payout of unused sick time.

    You would have to have your non-compete reviewed by a local attorney to determine whether your termination voids it or not, along with anything else you're asked to sign.

    Every time an employee leaves an employer, it's a termination, either voluntary or involuntary. I would think that, in your industry, most employers know that directions change and people are forced to leave. Letters of recommendation should be on letterhead, however, it's more important to be able to have individuals who will speak in person to potential employers.
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      Budget Cut and New Format end job in South Carolina

      I think we might get snow!
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        I've never heard the phrase "benefit time payment" before, but it's likely the payout of accrued time off, to wit, vacation; is that a phrase used in your contract?

        Yes, severance IS a gift, unless your contract guaranteed it under the circumstances surrounding your termination.

        Ask your attorney about a cease and desist letter regarding them continuing to use your voice; again, your contract may or may not have addressed this.

        As you can see, all of these questions are issues of contract law, not wage and hour law.
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