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LTD Then Layed off and disqual for unemployment South Carolina

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  • LTD Then Layed off and disqual for unemployment South Carolina

    I was on LTD last year until Oct 08 went back to work and worked for 2 1/2 months approx.. The company was laying off due to economy so I was one of the employees that was chosen unfortunately and I applied for unemployment and it said on the recording when you verify the status that I can not apply to 2010 and not eligable for benefits currently.
    I have been with this company since 2006 . Is this correct or is there some mistake ? What are my rights ? Is there another program I should be applying for until I find another job? Or they call me back because it was a temporary layoff and might call back in a few months but no guarantee..

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    Agree, but it's not the hours per se, it's the earnings. You were off work from when through when?

    The period they would be looking at, with a January initial UI claim is October 2007 through September 2008. If you didn't make enough in the each quarter of that period, you wouldn't be financially eligible, even though the reason for your separation from employment would qualify you otherwise. Both standards need to be met.
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      He was out from Jan 08 - Oct 08 on a SHD then changed to a LTD but would that be qualifing as income from the job ? He was taxed on the amount each week.. He went back Middle Oct until layoff Middle of Jan ...


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        No, the employer does not pay unemployment on LTD income. It's not whether you are or are not taxed on it that counts; it's whether or not it's considered wages by the state. STD and LTD income are not considered wages.
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