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help,no results South Carolina

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  • help,no results South Carolina

    I being working with same company for 3 years and we have slowed down in work like the rest of the nation but here is my complaint they hired me at 40 hours a week, we only get 10 to 15 hours a week now and this has being going on for about 6 weeks,they the employer wont sign me up for partial unemployment,and yes i've sign myself up at employment office,but i still have'nt had any results that's been about 6 weeks ago,nothing whats going on here!!!1 thing the employer did say is they would'nt turn in any partial unemployment papers because that would cause there ins.they pay for uneployment ins. to go up ,,,,thats the reason they have it right they are not following the law on this,,someone please tell me what i can do,, i have no clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i.m losing my power because of this,,and water will be next .. then phone ,,,ect,,,,,

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    You need to contact your unemployment office. Based on what you say you should qualify for benefits


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      Your employer refusing to respond to the unemployment office's inquiry will not stop benefits from being granted. It might possibly delay it somewhat but if the employer does not respond, the UI office will respond on the basis of what you have provided. So while it might cause a short delay, it won't hurt you in the long run. If the employer thinks that failure to respond will mean benefits are denied, they do not understand how it works.

      BTW, the employer is not legally obligated to respond; he is not violating any laws if he chooses not to. As indicated above, it does not cause benefits to be denied.
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        Waiting Week"s

        Hey this is a new one on me!!!!11/22/08 is when i have to start my waiting week again before i can draw partial unemployment,hey this is12/29/08, this will be my thrid waiting week,,three waiting weeks in one month,,surely two of them waiting weeks could have been unemployment checks,, but no my employer thinks i need to wait a bit longer before i receive any partial unemployment from them and what beats all is it had to go threw the unemployment office three times looks like someone esle don't want me to draw iether,,I belive the unemployment office is under staff,, has anyone been threw their lately they run people threw there like running heards of cows to a sale,,,,I belive the system is failing and i'm right in the middle of it and i'm not getting nowhere fast,,, and i was told it would get worse before it gets better if thats the case i'll be in the soup line in about 1 week,duke power is cuttin my power off and i want be able to get on LABOR LAW TALK what a joke!!!I"M 48 years old and never in my life have i ever seen anything like this before,,,see the rest of you in soup line !!!GOOD BYE.


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          Your employer has nothing to say about this. They don't "turn in" anything, except respond to the notice from the state that you have filed and then they need do so only if they disagree with what you said.

          You opened a claim and had a one-week waiting period. This waiting period applies only to NEW claims. You should be filing for continuing benefits for each benefit period (normally, biweekly) and reporting the wages you earned during each applicable week.

          Did you want advice or didn't you?
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            can't report earnings

            why is it i can't report my earnings for partial unemployment, when i call to claim the earnings for the week i did'nt work the recordings say i can't report earnings at this time and this is bi-weekly {like 2 weeks in row i can't turn in my 1 hour a week that i earned} and when i go to employment office they tell me to call it in, i do and get the same message [can't report earnings at this time] without claiming that i'm unemployed i can't draw partial unemployment,, also is it possibe the employer can block this in anyway! is there any advice on getting a lawyer to help me in this matter is there anyone that could check this employer to see if they are going by the law on this anyone or any law, can anything be done?


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              We have no idea why. You're going to have to ask the agency.

              No, the employer cannot "block" your benefits. The employer CAN protest your receiving benefits. But you would have been notified if there was a protest or appeal pending.
              I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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                do i have to sign

                i have noticed one thing about signing claim form at work theres alot of confussing when i try to claim partial unemployment,,do i have to sign claim form at work, can i deny signing and just call it in myself can they disqualify me for this,, they are doing somthing to mess it up - what i don't know maybe falsify records,, or somthing in that matter


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                  You do not have to sign anything at work. All you have to do is call the unemployment office, explain the sitution, and do what they tell you. THEY will contact the employer and THEY will make the decision as to whether you qualify or not. Your employer does not get to make that decision.
                  The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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                    snake in the grass

                    well i thought i was getting somwhere with my unemployment ins. my company just threw a cruve ball,they have not being turning in my claims to draw partial, so i took the liberty to claim myself,called it in going by the numbers,,so you won't belive what they did!!!!I finally got my frist check Monday,,but now i have to return it,,is life wonderful or what,,I have being signing claim forms at work since 11/22/08 not one of them was every turn in except the one where i can draw this check from icalled to claim earnings for week ending 12/27/08 only had a paid holiday to report,, but they added 10 more hours to it thats 18 hours instead of 8 hours,, now they are wanting me to bring check back to unemployment office,,is'nt life wonderful its funny they know when to turn paper work in ,,just when i am able to get a bit of money!!!!!!!!!!! my company is like a snake in the grass you have to watch where you step or you will get bitten,,,, o yea that 10 hours they gave me that's free 10 hours no work anything to save them a dollar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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                      waiting weeks

                      here i go again the employment office says i have another waiting week how is this possible!!!!!!! this makes my thrid waiting week i have already got 1 check now i have a waiting week {2 waiting weeks ] then a partial unemployment check then a [another waiting week] some thing is mess up with there program i can't belive this,i am really losing my faith with this!!!!!!!! and this isnt the only thing i'm losing along with my mind, my house, my car,,,, and ect.,,,, there's no jobs an i can't draw unemployment and its not anything i can do ,,, i guess i'll go to the employment office and sleep at the front door because i go there alot i have'nt worked in 5 weeks and only got 139.00 to live on.


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